Emerging “phenomenon” of the electronic online shopping becomes appealing to more and more users.

The advantages of online shopping become more and more obvious to the public – lower prices, large assortments, chance of purchasing the products right from your home, delivering the goods to your door, etc.

Still there are some drawbacks, though – complexity, chaotic arrangements of some “shops”, steep learning curve for seniors, who could otherwise profit from it well, certain level of shop keeper anonymity raising the questions of reliability of the warranty and delivery policies, etc.

The system (currently under development) represents the universal electronic shop called SKELET, which is part of the Project3B. It effectively eliminates the drawbacks by ensuring the authenticity of the shopkeeper and the control and navigation simplicity, which make the electronic shopping available to much more future users.

By integrating the product and service suppliers to SKELET system it will be more efficient to offer the online shopping technology to the future e-shop users.

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