High-tech living

Today’s technologies designed for home deployment (or technologies potentially useful at home) become very complex, which leads to creating a brand new technical discipline called ht-homedesign, one of the efforts HTP focuses for several years already.

These are the main areas: 

  • Home
  • Garden
  • Equipment

Internet, WiFi, Homeserver, ADSL, 3G, GSM, Bluetooth, Digital photos, MP3, IP video, Telemedicine, Homebanking, TV-banking, Skype, Chat, E-shop, E-government, E-learning, Electronic signature, Electronic healthbook, Security systems, Intelligent house, Targeted data outputs, Garbage disposal and pressing units, Senior lighthouse, Controlled lighting, Home sound systems, Garden irrigation systems, etc. These are just a few terms being heard more and more often, not everyone knows enough so they can use them efficiently at home, though.

In order to use both current and emerging technologies really efficiently, knowing them might not be sufficient – your home must be prepared for their deployment!

Investors often rely on the architects, who are not able to cover the continuous development of new and emerging technologies efficiently enough, though. This results in these technologies not being included in their designs. Such buildings are not sufficiently ready for these technologies and their additional deployment is often next to impossible.

HTP offers three-tier solutions in this area:

  • Unique system called HomeBrain (www.homebrain.cz), which is able do handle most of the aforementioned technologies using nothing but a single set-top box-like device.
  • Composing the technology-oriented materials for your architect, including the installation and deployment of high-tech technologies.
  • HT-homedesign elementary-level trainings for the architects.

HTP is the only subject pursuing these technologies on professional basis thanks to its several years of experience and the area of expertise of all involved alliance partners.

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